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Health and Safety Environment Policy

The Company’s HSE policy is critical to the achievement and sustainability of the long-term goals of the company. The policy is directed at the prevention of personal injury to Staff and Service providers, the damage facility and environment, taking into account legal requirements and statutory regulations with respect to health, safety and environment. Blue Seal Energy Group is s in line with Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Radiation Protection requirements, and to pursuing the goal of doing no harm to people, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development principles.

As a result, all Blue Seal companies in Nigeria and Beyond carry out their activities in strict compliance with all relevant legislations and standards, in order to ensure the Health and Safety of the employees and the people who could be directly impacted by our activities, and the Protection and Preservation of the Environment and the adoption of principles of Environmental Sustainability.

Also, the company is engaged in achieving continuous improvements in HSE indices through the implementation of the HSE Integrated Management System (IMS) for all our projects and operational activities, in quality and control of all procedures, and in Radiation Protection for all personnel. The objective of the policy are as follows:
1. Initiate and implement safety procedures and instructions covering all recognizable risks related to the company’s activities.
2. Allocate sufficient resources to provide and maintain conditions at work that are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and environment.
3. Provide training to employees in respect of their personal and collective responsibilities with regards to health, safety and environment.
4. Provision of adequate medical services to all employees.
5. Provision of personal safety equipment and other means to maintain safe and healthy environment conditions in the work areas.
6. Ensure an adequate feedback mechanism and framework.
7. Comply with (and continuously seek to improve our compliance with) all applicable HSE laws, regulations, international industry standards and other related internal mandatory requirements.
8• Ensure that HSE is an integral part of business decision-making processes at all levels of the Company via the application of a proactive, systematic, timely and risk based approach to HSE management.
9• Provide the necessary training to ensure that all employees and contractors are aware of their roles and responsibilities regarding HSE.
10• Hold all employees accountable for HSE performance and empower all members of our workforce to stop any work that is considered unsafe.
11• Seek to continually improve HSE performance by fostering a positive HSE culture and to report our performance publicly.
12• Conduct regular HSE reviews and audits in order to provide assurance regarding conformance with requirements.
13• Take timely remedial actions to address any material HSE deficiency and non-conformance identified via reviews, inspections, audits and incident investigations. We believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable.

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The overall operating philosophy is such that we will consciously constrain operations to the barest minimum foot print by integrating and concentrating all processing and living within a safe area owned and controlled by Blue Seal Group. Although the businesses will be operationally integrated, the plan is that each segment of the chain is economically and fiscally viable for project sanctioning. We will avoid cross subsidization and value erosion and ensure that integration of the operations only brings additional benefit to the whole..


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