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Our Agro Allied Company at Blue Seal is in the production and manufacturing of final goods and treatment of farming facilities. In general, these are products and services classified for personal use, specifically intended for the mass market. This sector encompasses goods that are consumed rather than used in the production of other goods, and include both durable and non-durable consumables. Included in this sector are manufacturers of automobiles/auto parts, household durable good, textiles and apparel, as well as manufacturers’ food, beverages .

Blue Seal Agro Allied is a division of Blue Seal Group Industries that is into Agricultural/Farm management techniques. , Agriculture is the main business of the economy and it did contribute to the development of nation’s activities until other sectors started becoming relevant. Making Agriculture the future of the economy and Blue Seal Group has seen a potential to be part of the transitional programme. Some of our businesses include, Herbicides, Biocide disinfectants e.g. Glutacide, Germicide and Lysol just to mention a few. We are also into exportation of agricultural products to countries within nations. Some of the products we source to export include Shea Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Cocoa, Ginger, Bitter Kola and Sesame Seeds. All of these products have their various markets and seasons of growth and sales. .We plan to venture into food processing of some of these products into edible oils.

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