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Blue Seal ENVI-CURE Disinfectant

Following the report of the first case of corona virus infection in Wuhan, China in November, 2019, our team of research chemists, environmental scientists and personal hygiene experts went to work with a mission to develop a two-prong solution: to synthesize a containment and elimination drug against the virus. The product of that effort today is a range of chemicals that are not only effective against corona virus also eliminate all other microorganisms including other viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoans etc. These environmental drugs known as the ENVI-CURE range of Blue Seal chemicals have the FDA and USDA, NAFDAC and SON approvals and have been certified safe for use.


Our chemical intervention program utilizes a combination of three proprietary and proven chemical treatment technologies that has a broad-spectrum action over microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae amongst others to control and halt their growth and completely eliminate them from the environment.

Here in Nigeria, our infectious disease task force has studied the infection pattern across different sates by constantly analyzing reviewing data released by the center for disease control. Using such national data, we hereby recommend the following chemical treatment solutions to your state government based on a control model that best suits your current prevailing conditions:

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