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Blue Seal Water And Processing

Blue Seal Water & Processing

From process waste-water treatment to leachate and recovery, Blue Seal helps industrial manufacturers protect investments and mitigate risk, meet or exceed ever increasing industrial wastewater regulations, and eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals. Regardless of where you source your make up water, contaminants can throw a wrench in operations, damaging equipment and impacting process water quality. In order to ensure profitability and productivity, it is essential to leverage an effective water pretreatment program without creating an additional waste stream.


The Blue Seal Energy Services Team of application Engineers and Technicians are run diagnostic jar and bottle tests at your raw water surface systems to determine the best and most cost effective combination of molecules to use to clarify raw water to the desired standards suitable for various uses inside your plant. Similarly, we select products suitable to treat various plant waste discharged into waste water systems and treat them to safe effluent levels before discharging same into the environment. An efficient and well-designed raw water treatment system should be able to handle:
• Seasonal variations in turbidity and flow
• Variations in water chemistry needs and required chemical volumes adjustments
• Changes in water quality requirements (such as the quality of feed water required for a new boiler)

Feed Water Pre Treatment

Feed Water Pre-Treatment We also offer a number of Feed Water Programs that help meet your needs. Feed water is water added to the boiler to replace evaporation and breakdown Regardless of how the feed water is prepared a chemical treatment is needed to prevent a potential problem downstream. We provide a complete offering of mechanical and chemical programs, including:
• Reverse Osmosis
• Multimedia Filters
• General Filtration
• Ion Exchange
• Dealkalization
• Oxygen Removal
• Hot and Cold Lime softening

Cooling Water Treatment

Blue Energy Services have several application technologies used for treatment of Closed and Open recirculating cooling water systems. Our company has worked in several process plants, carrying out surveys and technical in many cooling systems. We do this by asking and listening, auditing and sampling relevant information which we used to design treatment solutions to address plant problems for over a decade,we have pushed far beyond traditional performance boundaries to help our customers produce safe, reliable and cost-effective treatment systems. The overall outcome of our endeavour in your plant will result in the following
• Increased production steam reliability
• Extend asset life
• Real time knowledge with instantaneous response
• Reduces maintenance and increases labour efficiency

Portable Water Treatment

We have experience in the design, installation and construction of portable water treatment system for residential and commercial use. We employ multiple treatment technologies including (Setting and clarification, carbon absorption, reverse osmosis, filtration, ultra-violent sterilization, chemical treatment) to offer a tailor made solution to each client’s needs. All our offers follow an extensive process which begins with exhaustive water analysis and end at a cost effective solution. For millions of people a shortage of clean drinking water is a reality they must face every day. Sometimes they simply do not have enough, in other cases the available water is contaminated.In developing countries, poor water quality is the leading cause of health problems. Eighty percent of all illnesses in developing countries are caused by polluted water. It is estimated that 2 million people die from these illnesses every year. Hence our System
• Treats water to produce a clean clear and sterile water
• Is fully automated requiring minimal supervision.

Ultra Violet Water Treatment

With our partnership with VIQUA Canada, we bring ULTRA Violet water treatment solution to our clients in thereby making it easy for them to have good water asseicible

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Swimming pool water must always remain portable in nature and pleasant in appearance. This is the goal of any treatment program and we achieve this by employing current technology and chemical products. Re-circulating water is monitored to real time and its quality is maintained by the automatic injection of treatment product. The effect of this is the efficient application of products only when needed and in quantities that are required . Everyone emits unwanted substances into the water when bathing. Even thorough showering and washing cannot prevent this. This emissions include micro-organisms, viruses, causes of contagious diseases, organic substances excretions from mouth, nose and throat as well as ears,urine, excrements, and sweat, skin particles and dandruff, blood from injuries, fungi, skin care products etc. Hence our endeavour will lead to:
• Clean and Clear water
• Disinfection to kill infectious micro organisms
• Improved swimmer hygiene to minimize the introduction of contaminants into pool water..


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